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Student Council Advisor

Mr. Chris James

Room 604

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  STUCO has a two-fold mission:


  1. First, we are the student government of Sunrise Mountain High School.  We conduct elections for student officers and we liaise with the different levels of administration to present and represent student concerns.  We are the "voice of the students" inside and outside of the school.

  2. Second, we serve the students and community of the school by building and maintaining a positive school climate, spirit and traditions.  We host assemblies, dances, lunch-time activities and other events designed to unite a diverse student body and enrich student culture.



Award-Winning Service and Activities - YOUR council, working for YOU:


                               2011 - National Council of Excellence Award

                               2012 - National Council of Excellence Award

                               2013 - National GOLD Council of Excellence Award

Want to learn more about the MOUNTAIN MINDSET MOJO Program (aka - "boop" points)? 





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