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Grade 9-Grade 12

Student learning extension activities accessible through pencil and paper provide opportunities for students to practice concepts and skills at home. Directions for the student learning extension activities are provided in both English and Spanish. The student learning extension activities are also available at food deployment locations throughout the Las Vegas valley.

Students currently enrolled in Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses may continue to access learning resources through virtual platforms students currently use. Additional resources have been made available at https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/coronavirus-updates#free-ap-classes



Additional learning resources available for students in Grade 9-Grade 12 are provided below:

Khan Academy at www.khanacademy.org. Teachers can create, access, and assign learning activities by referencing Khan Teacher Resources.

Actively Learn for Grade 9-12 at www.activelylearn.com. Interactive text and video assignments for students to engage, learn, and stay connected. Overview and getting started: For teachers / For students / parents. Teachers may register for a webinar training. The sessions will be offered daily, beginning Monday, March 23 at 11 a.m.

Vegas PBS OnePlace for Grade 9-Grade 12 at https://oneplace.vegaspbs.org/. Teachers use their Active Directory credentials to login. A variety of instructional resources and databases are available for teachers to utilize for their students learning at home, many with google classroom integration capabilities.

Vegas PBS at http://classroomcast.org/ for instructional resources grouped by elementary, middle, and high school to ensure continuity of learning at home.



Online and Blended Learning Department

The Online and Blended Learning (OBL) Department develops online secondary course content, which is freely available for blended and online learning for Clark County School District (CCSD) teachers. Any school in CCSD can use these courses to support online learning in their classrooms.




To view courses available to schools and educators click here.

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Apex Learning Tutorials

Tutorial resources for 6-12 grade are available to teachers to use throughout CCSD. Teachers can access and assign learning resources to their students.

To get started and view available resources, educators click here.


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