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Our Mission 


Working together, The Sunrise Mountain High School Community will assist ALL of our students achieve the high levels of learning required for success in college or post-secondary opportunities by utilizing collaborative approaches that are Purposeful, Inclusive, and Consistent (PIC).

Our Vision  


The policies, programs, and practices of Sunrise Mountain High School reflect its commitment to helping ALL of our students learn at high levels. 

As a result of That Commitment:

  • The staff constantly seeks out the most promising practices that support student learning.

  • The school is characterized by a collaborative culture in which educators take collective responsibility for helping ALL students learn at high levels.

  • The collaborative team is the fundamental structure of the school.

  • Students are provided a guaranteed and viable curriculum, unit by unit.

  • The learning of each student is monitored on an ongoing basis through daily formative assessment in the classroom and team-developed summative assessments for each unit.

  • Our school has systems in place to ensure that evidence of student learning is used to:

  • Provide timely diagnostic and directed support for students who are struggling

  • Enrich and extend learning for students who demonstrate they are proficient

  • Inform educators regarding their strengths and weaknesses in helping students learn at high levels

  • Alert the collaborative team to areas of concern in student learning that warrant the attention of the entire team

  • Our school supports educators’ continuous learning and ongoing professional development.

  • Our school has a strong partnership with parents and provides parents with the information necessary to monitor and support the learning of their children.

Our Collective Commitments


In order to fulfill our fundamental purpose and become the school we describe in our vision statement, members of the staff commit to the following:

  • I will be a positive, contributing member of my collaborative team. 

  • I will teach the essential learnings of our agreed-upon curriculum, unit by unit.

  • I will monitor each student’s learning on an ongoing basis through classroom and team-developed assessments.

  • I will use evidence of student learning to inform and improve my practice to better meet the needs of individual students.

  • I will share and be transparent with my data in an effort to drive student achievement and for my own personal growth.

  • I will work with my colleagues to achieve our SMART goals.

  • I will seek out the most promising practices to support student learning.

  • I will encourage ALL students to recognize and acknowledge their part in the learning process.

  • I will keep parents informed of the progress of their students.

 Administrative Commitment


 In order to fulfill our fundamental purpose and become the school we describe in our vision statement, members of the administrative staff commit to the following:

  • We will monitor the policies, programs, and practices at Sunrise Mountain to ensure its commitment to helping ALL of our students learn at high levels. 

  • We will support our teachers to ensure they are able to accomplish their Collective Commitments.


Our Schoolwide Goals

  • Reduce the failure rate, specifically targeting 9th grade credit sufficiency

  • Increase the percentage of students pursuing and being successful in College and Career Readiness.

  • Increase student achievement on the ACT examination.

  • Increase our school’s Average Daily Attendance




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